What is Oktaset?

Oktaset is a powerful application that allows the planning and management of conferences from start to finish in a seamless manner. The application is capable of managing the conference/event agenda, speakers attendance/invitation, exhibitors and sponsors.

Empowering the Event

Oktaset works seamlessly providing real-time updates to ensure that your conference or event is organised smoothly and far more efficiently. Oktaset can provide seamless and fluid event management through our web application. Oktaset is available on iOS, Android and unlike our competitors also on Windows 8 smartphones!

Oktaset can be used on the go or in the office using our mobile app and our online website.

How do you manage your conference?

Conference management can either be an arduous or a seamless procedure. We all know that those small changes can cause disruption to a major event. Oktaset provides a seamless and powerful tool that is updated in real-time. Thus offering all participants to be in the know about any changes at all times.